Treatments for Men

Luxury male grooming in a relaxing environment

Male Grooming

Thankfully times have changed, but even now it's easy to feel bemused by the overwhelming amount of advice, opinion and small pots filled with expensive gloop on the market.

Women look at your smile and then your feet, so clean teeth and clean tidy foot wear goes a long way!  But the trick isn't to spend a fortune on a thousand different products, or to lock yourself in the bathroom for hours at a time.  Instead, you should develop a daily maintenance routine that is quick and simple, to ensure that you don't let yourself (or your carefully assembled outfit) down with unsightly hair or tired, puffy eyes.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon have the mirror smiling back at you:

  • Don’t let your barnet take over! Go to the barber or hairdressers every 4-6 weeks. Put it in your diary, so you don’t forget.
  • Have you noticed your hair thinning or a few bald patches appearing here and there? We can help you with Scalp Micropigmentation.  We use MicropigMANtation which is one of the market leaders, when it comes to creating an illusion of a thicker head of hair.  Take a look at our gallery for yourself.
  • Keep yourself smelling sweet! Find 2 or 3 signature scents, instead of having lots of bottles of cheaper aftershave that you never wear. Your scent should be a subtle part of your overall presence.   So, woody, musky smells are great for winter, like Gentlemen Only by Givency and citrus, fresh smells for spring/summer, like Clinique Happy for Men.
  • Manscaping is the new in thing for men. This simply means keeping your hair under control, by waxing, trimming and grooming.   Keep your chest and pubic hair in shape by having a wax with us. We offer Male Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.  Prices start at £35-£40. We can even shape your unruly eyebrows.  Do not let your barber trim them as this does not shape them and they will grow back looking even worse!
  • Don’t neglect your skin. Your face is the first part of your body that people see, so keep it looking great by booking in for an Arbonne Facial with us.  All of our Arbonne facials are tailored to suit your skin type, and will leave your skin looking and feeling great.
  • Keep your facial hair tidy and groomed. If you have unwanted stubble but your not sure how to get rid of it, then we can help by using Electrolysis
  • Take a pumice stone into the bath with you. This is great for exfoliating away dead skin.  And always use a moisturiser straight after your bath, as it will sink in better when your skin is still warm.   
  • Look after your hands and feet. Book in for a manicure or pedicure, and let us show you how to care for your nails whilst taking your fingers and tootsies to heaven.  Don’t worry though, we won’t use a nail polish – unless you want us to!
  • Don’t let dark circles around your eyes age you. Book in for Radiofrequency or a Fibroblast Non-surgical Eye Lift (aka Blethroplasy or Plexr) which is new revolutionary treatment for shrinking excess skin, bags and wrinkles.
  • And finally....Don't be put off by visiting a beauty salon.  Times have changed a lot and male grooming has not only become accepted, it's become expected!  

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