Quality Beauty Treatments and Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments in Fishponds
The Advantages of Semi-Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of having to get up earlier to make time to apply your makeup? Wish that you could just roll out of bed and get going? Here at Ambertone Health and Beauty Ltd we offer semi-permanent makeup treatments for clients across Fishponds and beyond.

Our beauty salon also offers the following beauty treatments:

  • Aesthetics

  • Body Piercing

  • Dermaplaning

  • Electrolysis Treatment

  • Fibroblast

  • Hair Removal

  • HIFU Facial

  • HIFU Treatments

  • Hollywood Wax

  • Long-Term Makeup

  • Non-Invasive Treatment

  • Nose Piercing

  • Skin Smoothing

  • And Much More…

On this page, we will be outlining three of the clearest benefits of semi-permanent makeup. Call us today if you have any questions about our services.


The main advantage of semi-permanent makeup treatments is that they are highly convenient. With long-term makeup such lip liner and defined eyebrows, you can look great as soon as you wake up, allowing you to spend more time in bed or up and doing the things you enjoy.

Convenience is also one of the main reasons that customers choose our beauty salon. All our beauty treatments, from facial skin tightening to skin tag removals, from fibroblast treatments to HIFU treatments and much more are non-invasive treatments that allow you to get straight back to your day-to-day. Our aesthetics team is here to offer clients across Fishponds a safe and effective experience. Call us today to learn more about our dermaplaning, skin smoothing, HIFU facials, hair removal, Hollywood waxes, body piercing, nose piercing and much more.

Natural Results

The technology and methodology of semi-permanent makeup has advanced hugely in the last few years, ensuring a much more natural, and often imperceptible, result. The final look is much more subtle than you would expect, and we offer a variety of different styles depending on your personal taste.


While not completely permanent, semi-permanent makeup treatments are renowned for their long-lasting effect, saving you the trouble of applying makeup for months at a time. This is great for busy professionals and parents who are looking for a long-lasting, time-saving solution.

To find out more about our services in Fishponds, please get in touch today. Our beauty treatments include facial skin tightening, skin tag removals, fibroblast, HIFU treatments, aesthetics, hair removal, body piercing and much more.

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